Art Gallery in Sofia


graduation project, 2005


mentor: Jeko Tilev, professor


  • – Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation’s annual award
  • – “Details” magazine’s annual award
  • – Alu Koenig Stahl’s annual award


» A project for an Art gallery in the very heart of Sofia - the site is a part of an ensemble of old classical buildings. I "zoomed out" and tried to see the site in a larger space context - the whole hstorical center of the city. I found a "filter" - most of the typical classical buildings have domes /copper or golden or zinc/ which turn them into architectural accents. These buildings form a network and I built up surfaces constructed by the invisible links between these domes. The gallery's site is in the middle of this system of architectural connections and I wanted to visualize this by involving the dome as a main structural element - not literally the form but rather a dissolved material presence. Copper bands pass ing through the site and the terrain. In the center of the site there is a geodesic tower with a copper dome as well and it turned into a natural gravity center of warping these rays. The cityneeds "accent buildings" but it also needs "linking buildings" - this kind I tried to achieve.