"The missing skyscraper - Serdika's light towers"


III award in "Sofia's first skyscraper" - VIZAR's architectural competition




» Where is the skyscraper?There is not a skyscraper. At least not a steel-and-glass-and-concrete one. Not in the very heart of both contemporary and ancient Sofia.The project interprets the skyscraper as a light tower. Such a light tower is a part of a concept aiming cultural,historical and visual revival of the old town of Serdika.The lights are indicators for the life of a city. This project wishes to see the lights of Sofia and the lights of Serdika merged together.This "first skyscraper" in Sofia will be an element of the "Light map of Sofia"- installation. By means of light it will blaze the old fortified walls of Serdika (now hidden under the contemporary layers of architecture), thus interweaving the structures of the old and the new city. The map of Serdika will be projected like a constellation onto Sofia’s sky. This historical ring scraping the sky with light would form the historical and cultural centre of Sofia in a non-material way, which demonstrates the idea of architectural continuity. There are not many places left where one could still see the ruins of Serdika's fortifications. And it'is quite possible that very soon all of them will be already hidden in locked basements, subways and so on. This project proposes turning this area into a historical park, forming a small green oasis in the dense city centre.When the dilemma is between a skyscraper (or any other kind of building) and a part of Sofia's history, I consider the more adequate decision  would be to choose the history.
Note: Yes, I know. This project does not provide thousands of square meters of office area. But it virtually encircles around 28dka of historical and cultural space in the nightscape of Sofia.