video for ReVISION project - 3D mapping on NPC (Natinal Palace of Culture) monument. The monument is called 1300 years of Bulgaria

organised by: Transformatori Association
workshop by: Eletrick.Me


Memory project team:

Mariana Sarbova

Adriana Sarbova

Galina Milkova


Here you can see all projects which took part in ReVISION event. Our team is extremely happy for the opportunity to take part in it and very grateful for the help from mentors and organisers.
Here you can see Memory project's video.

How long does time last?


How long does memory remain?


Do monuments have an expiry date?


Do monuments have memory?


» The project shows some reflections on the topic of MEMORY on the body of the monument. We wanted to turn the monument into a data tower which is in constant change and transformation.

The white noise is a space of oblivion but not a space without any memory. It contains all memories melted and floating.


Any memory could reappear out of it after the proper activation and trigger.

Memory is not constant. In small quants it changes its phases - from presence to absense, from remembering to forgetting. REMEMBER (ЗАПОМНЯМ) and FORGET (ЗАБРАВЯМ) are only two extreme phases of one process which has also lots of transitional stages.


Memory is the force that builds sand castles out of our recollections. The castle is in an endless cycle of growing up and down.

We forget in order to be able to remember again, to collect new memories. And to store everything somewhere in the white noise.




Themonument was built in 1981 for commemoration of 1300 years of creation of Bulgarian country. It is a modernist structure by prof. Valentin Starchev (sculptor). The monument remains not entirely accepted as aesthetics and meaning for many people, especially after the democratic changes in 1989. Its imperfect realization compromises the way the monument endures time. After lack of care and maintenance it started to decay and latest years is an object of constant debate (to remove it or not) and contraversory attitudes, even hatred. Nowadays it is without its stone facing, with visible steel construction and a safety fence around it. And most important - without a clear future.