exhibition Art club Mishel, Sozopol




Morfauna is an artistic process that changes the species morphologically. The metaphoric relations between different animals have switched and merged their anatomic parts into new creatures. These creatures demonstrate that the specific environments of all organisms /water, land or air/ are connected in one common system. These environments affect each other and form the life forms in them. We are all pars of one big organism... 


cattus (g)larussopolis

In Burgas there are two main beasts - cats and seagulls. They evolute each other and very soon maybe there will merge into a superbeast combining the powers of the originals.


canis marinus

In Burgas there are no street dogs which doesn’t mean that there are no dangers. Not a single pizza, kebap or living creature are perfectly safe!


(g)larus piscator

Big “fish” eat small “fish”. Also a matter of viewpoint.


viator facticus

Maybe you’ve heard about a ship sailing through the ocean with a load of rubber ducks. Eventually it shipwrecked and all of the ducks spattered in the water and each one started a voyage. They can still be found,


cervus aquarius

Reefs are like underwater forests. There are lots of seawood animals inhabiting them.


unicorn maritimus

Each enwironment has its own fairy characters. Sometimes the legends are very alive.


octosaurus medusicum

Jellyfishes are sometimes capable of a very strong “grip” - the grip of the fear they produce.


homo delphinus

It’s been an eternal dream of humans to swim like dolphins. It’s interesting if dolphins have any dreams?


oculus oceanus

Fish are the eys of the sea. Sometimes it cries...