exhibition, Tea House, Burgas




This is a very emotional exhibition for me. Some of the paintings appeared a couple of years ago, some of them are brand new. All of them were born due to my love of the sea. Love to paint it, to observe it, to experience it. I believe the sea is alive and I find very interesting the dialogue with it. It has its own character and moods and if it lets you get close enough you feel as being with a friend, in a treasure-space, in a library with thousands of books. It listens very carefully how you communicate with it.


The sea contains an endless amount of paths, messages, stories and lives. It reaches countless ports and connects all these paths, messages, stories and lives to them. Ports are boundary spaces, they have special energy. They await, send, contemplate, transfer, speed, lade and unship stories, goods, fates. Over the seas. The sea has given shape to coastlines, boats and their routes.


The sea can divide but it can also connect. It can be attractive, it can be also frightening. It can seduce, it can play. It can be tender but also rebelling. It can obsess our imagination, lead us to new lands, keep secrets, make challenges.


The sea gives birth to different creatures. It changes all creatures that have ever been in touch with it. It creates ecologies of beings that cannot communicate, eat or breathe without it. It can take lives. It can create legends. It has made human beings strong and daring. The sea remembers everything that has ever been in its waters. It sometimes washes away, sometimes melts, sometimes soaks in its abysses. It preserves things but also changes them. It changes itself and remains the same. It gives freedom and puts limitations. It has shores but has no borders.


June, 2013