competition entry for design of system of tiles  


award in the Residential category

Tile Award (Agrob Buchtal +AIT)




» Pat(t)io tile system is aimed at exterior, semi-exterior and interior domestic spaces such as balconies, terraces, loggias, patios, etc. It offers an approach to turn a regular balcony into a small patio by using a tile pattern, ispired by both Andalucian tradition of patios and Bulgarian tradition of growing flowers on balconies. The system can be used for new buildings but also for reconstruction of existing ones by adding some quality (esthetic and functional) to balconies - quite neglected spaces in many of the collective residential housing.


The main feature of this tile system is the combination of flat tiles with 3d-tiles which can serve as flower pots. The system consists of several types of elongated hexagon elements – one basic tile and different types of tile-pots. The pattern they can produce may vary depending on the composition and the density and variety of the tile-pots (green spots).


The pattern can be either overall or „viral“. Thus it can serve as a fluent transition between spaces – eg. exterior and interior; living room and kitchen, etc. The tiles can be used as a private initiative - according to personal preferences, or in an entire project - in a new building or reconstruction – according to the architect‘s vision.


For example, in Bulgaria there are many existing residential buildings which need refurbishment. In all of them balconies look like a problematic space and people have invented their own ways to use them – either by adding them to the living area, or by glazing them (to be used as exterior kitchen, laundry room or storage) or by leaving them open. Plants on the balcony is something which is also very typical for residential blocks. This is something this project uses as a starting point – combining all these eventual functions and giving a possible pattern / product to turn balconies into better living spaces, especially when lead by architectural ideas of transforming entire buildings.