Around the city of Burgas there are 3 lakes (Mandra, Vaya and Atanasovsko lakes) and one sea (the Black sea). Alhough they are very close to each other they are all unique as characteristics and ecology and their waters are of different salinity. I took water samples from all of these water basins and let the water paint in its particular way - creating rusty aquarelles on four metal canvases. Both the end result and the process in time on each canvas were unique. Similar to the way water “paints” in nature - with different brushes and colors, different structures and landscapes.


Water is one whole and in the same time consists ofseparate volumes with different properties, historieas and memory.

Waters are in eternal circulation, they meet and fuse, they cross borders, passing in other basins with different histories.

Water brings salt, water removes the salt...

Water runs, spills and mixes with more water and in the same time can define boundaries.

Water remembers everything, water deletes everything...



photos by Mariana Sarbova, Dimitar Traychev