Sofia Mental Mapping 


project at Sofia Design Week 2010

Sofia Visual Identity workshop, Ruedi Baur


project with:

Liliya Milkova

Nadezhda Sucheva

Delcho Delchev

and help from friends :)



The project is open for everyone ready to imagine and visualize the city they live in.

Send your mental maps to 


» Thinking about the visual identity of Sofia - the city were we live every day, we decided that the most signifikant elements of it are already in our minds.

We started from the imaginary situation, that the city was destroyed, and we have to rebuild it only trough our memories. Each of us drawed a map – mental map – of Sofia, without looking to the real one, or talking with the others about it.

The results showed, how differently we percept the city, and how we memorise it on a very personal and emotional level. Changing our way of thinking is a way to transform our environment.

For Your orientation we marked our position on each map.

This is an open end project, and we woud like to invite you to participate in it and to show us your Mental Sofia.