Fairy tale land - project


project at:

MОТТО architectural studio



project by:

Mariana Sarbova

Desislava Stoyanova - Ivanova


client: Municipality of Bourgas

constructive project: Vihren Todorov, Ivan Yordanov

electrical project: Skip Ltd

visualization: MOTTO visualization studio - Ivan Petrov

contractor: STRABAG, Solid Ltd

ceramics: Ivanes Ceramic Studio - Galya Nikolova

mosaics accomplishing: Nikolay Zhelyazkov

wooden details: Evgeni Manov

photos: Petya Tanymova, Kiril Atanasov and the authors


architectural design competition: september 2009

preliminary design: october 2009 - 1st prize

technical project: november 2009

realisation: november 2010 - june 2011


» Once upon a time there was a town where lots of children lived - young princes and princesses. To play they loved most of all! In the town there was a wonderful park and in the park - a fairy lake. This was the children's favourite place for making up fairy tales... Tales about animals, pirates, castles and seas... By the big tree at the lake's side was the harbour for the kids' boats. They had to beware of the big whale in the water... All fairy characters inhabited the Fairy wall which was the division between the world of the young and the world of the grown-ups... The tales were always different because different children participated. They learned to to use their imagination and to discover new friends...