Evil Harry

Celik Surf School, Gokceada




This is Haralampi a.k.a. Evil Harry - a brave shark who lives around Celik Surf School and patrols its waters. He loves wind and waves and is a prominent slacker.


Black Corsair

Celik Surf School, Гьокчеада




This is Black Corsair Ilkcan Celik - governor of wind and water. He keeps crossing the seas with his legendary sail, and the wind gusts carry the myths about his windsurf exploits.


FREEdom STYLE, BEA/NCH surfing, abSURF*ckin'lutely

Stenograffika, Бургас




3 boards which are looking forward to be transformed into benches in the newly created space for open-air art in Burgas. by Hamalogika